Sunrise Rotary Club of Denville provides support for the Children of Peer Place

Computer Room established March 2008 provides the children of Peer Place computer and printing tools needed to learn and perform school work and research papers etc.

With your help we are making a difference!

Sunrise Rotary member Dave Martin, from Personal Business Solutions Inc, repaired the broken internet connection and installed networking hardware to share the internet and network printers with 2 other computers. Additional computers were installed in March 2008 so the Kids will have better resources going back to school. Dave Martin and Jim LaSala worked with the housing department to insure safe operation for the kids. A District simplified Grant was received to apply to the cost of the computer room. The computer room now has 5 donated computers installed with Office 2007, Internet Security Software, Anti-Spyware Software, Parental Control Software. All 5 computers are connected to a shared laser printer also installed by the Sunrise Rotary Club of Denville.

Two Additional computers were installed as offline computers which can be used by the kids to learn,
create documents or pure entertainment.

Easter Celebration with Denville Sunrise Rotary 2007 - Peer Place Denville

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